Bat Monitoring Project

The initial objective of the Bat Monitoring project is to determine if there are surviving populations of bats in the Cheneaux area and what species compose the populations.  The intent is to forward this information to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and universities interested in bat population monitoring. The purpose is to generate interest in professional investigations, i.e., is there a whitenose immune bat population or a winter habitat that is so far untouched in the Les Cheneaux area?  The second part of the project is to monitor trends in bat activity in an attempt to determine if activity is increasing, declining, or remaining relatively constant.  The third part is to increase public awareness of the importance of bats and the effect of White Nose Syndrome (WNS). 

The main question everyone has is “are bats coming back.”  Currently the only answer is “We don’t know”.  With monitoring over time perhaps we can determine a better, more positive answer.


October 2018 Report

2019 Summary

2019-2021 Activity Report