Les Cheneaux Watershed News

Below are links to articles written about issues or events affecting the Les Cheneaux Watershed, or related to the Watershed Council. 

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About 19% of Michigan Landfill Waste Comes From Where?  Bridge Magazine Article


 Ultrasonic monitoring data indicates Bat activity in the Cheneauxs is increasing.  Could this be why?



12-19-22 Bridge Magazine Zoom Meeting, Great Lakes Water Quality, January 25, 2023 Zoom Meeting


03-17-21  Microplastics in Great Lakes Waters, A Review

11-18-21   Line 5 Will Not Shut Down Anytime Soon, Bridge Magazine Article


06-20-2020     Line 5 More News -  Line 5 Shut Down after Significant Damage to Support

05-22-2020     Line 5 News - Line 5 Environmental Time Bomb

05-20-2020     Public Comments Requested on Proposed Line 5 Tunnel Permit - Proposed pipeline tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac between Mackinaw City and Saint Ignace, Michigan

03-23-2020     ROWI News Release - Shore Property Owners Call on Great Lakes Governors and Premier to Declare a High-Water Level Emergency

01-20-2020     Line 5 Tunnel Cleared for Permitting - Bridge Magazine Article

01-09-2020     High Water Levels Creating Problems - Chicago Tribune




12-17-19      Surging Great Lakes Threaten Michigan - Bridge Magazine Article

10-16-19      What the New PFAS Rules Mean for Michigan - Bridge Magazine Article

10-11-19      Water Levels May Be Even Higher in 2020 - Free Press Article

6-24-19       Invasive Mussels Affecting Great Lakes Food Chain - Bridge Magazine Article

5-5-19         PFAS Contamination - a Michigan Crisis - Free Press Article

3-27-19       Cost of Recycling May Cause some Programs to Discontinue - Recycling

3-28-19       Governor Halts Action on Line 5 Tunnel - Bridge Magazine

3-13-19       Line 5 Tunnel Agreement, Legal Update - Line 5 Tunnel, Legal Update

2-15-19       Michigan Senate Overturns Re-structuring Executive Order - Bridge Magazine Article 

2-4-19        Governor Re-structures Michigan Department of Environmental Quality - DEQ

2-1-19        Line 5 Information and News on FLOW Website - All about Line 5

1-15-19     U.S. Supreme Court may decide public's access to Great Lakes' shorelinesFree Press Article



12-19-18    Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority approves agreement to build multi-use tunnel, remove pipelines from Bottom of Straits -   Michigan.Gov bill synopsis

12-4-18       Michigan Lawmakers Approve Legislation to De-regulate Development on Some Lakes  - Bridge Magazine Article

12-4-18       Snyder Scraps Plan to put Line 5 under Bridge Authority (MBA) - Free Press Article

11-13-18     Michigan's Water Crisis - Mlive Article      Related Mlive Article

11-12-18     Witmer & Nessel Expected to Fight Line 5 Tunnel AgreementFree Press Article

10-04-18     Bridge Board Members Learned of Tunnel This Week - Board Members Learn of Tunnel Agreement

 10-03-18     Governor Snyder Signs Tunnel Agreement with Enbridge - Governor Signs Tunnel Agreement

9-04-18       Comments on Water Diversions From the Great Lakes - Fending Off Diversions

7-10-18       Straits of Mackinac Alliance Line 5 Brochure -  Enbridge Line 5 Facts

6-12-18       Cormorants - Video of Congressional Hearing in Alpena, MI   Watch Hearing Video

5-10-18       New Blastomycosis Brochure

4-15-18       Lake Huron EPA Mgt Plan 2017 - 2021

3-18-18       Newsletter - Spring 2018

2-15-18       Boardman Review Les Cheneaux Article "Water Brings Us Together" Page 60                            Video on Page 71

2-14-18       Fresh Water Future article: Great Lakes Compact

2-13-18       HR 4429 Hearing Announcement

2-11-18       Double Breasted Cormorant News: HR 4429 Introduced By Congressman Bergman


11-21-17     Bergman Takes Aim At Cormorants

11-15-17     Enbridge told to make full accounting of Line 5’s condition to Pipeline Safety Advisory Board in December

10-10-17     State announces 3 public feedback sessions on final version of Line 5 Alternatives Analysis report

9-14-17       Little Brown Bat Article in St. Ignace News

6-12-17       Line 5 - Roger Gauthier, "Financial Risk of Spill could reach $20Bil"

6-12-17       Line 5 - Joanne Cromley, "True Impact of Propane Supply in Michigan"

6-12-17       Line 5 - Bobie Congeyer, "Illusion of Oil Cleanup"

4-11-17       Newsletter 2017 to Entire Community


04-20-16         Newsletter 2016 to Entire Community


06-03-15         Newsletter 2015 to Entire Community


05-14-2014      Newsletter 2014 to Entire Community


04-14-2011 Cedarville Dredging Underway; St. Ignace News


10-28-2010 Cedarville Bay Dredging Nearly Complete; St. Ignace News
08-19-2010 Les Cheneaux Dredging Project on Schedule; St. Ignace News
07-29-2010 Les Cheneaux Frog Fest Highlights Environment; St. Ignace News
07-15-2010 Frog Fest to Put Focus on Environment; St. Ignace News
07-01-2010 Phosphate Ban Begins; Detroit Free Press
07-01-2010 Dredging Project to Begin July 5th
03-18-2010 What's It Take To Make The Break?; Great Lakes News


08-13-2009 Eurasian Milfoil Down in Les Cheneaux Bays 
07-30-2009 400+ Attend Les Cheneaux Open House
07-30-2009 Les Cheneaux Watershed Council to Hold Annual Meeting
07-23-2009 Watershed Council Will Meet July 30
07-23-2009 Open House is Thursday
06-25-2009 Volunteers Needed for Les Cheneaux Shoreline Clean-up
06-04-2009 Clark Township Minutes
05-21-2009 Les Cheneaux Channel Dredging Gets Funding
05-07-2009 Recycling Information Sessions Planned


12-11-2008 'Unified Ask Campaign' Begins
11-27-2008 Making Cedarville Bay A Boater's Destination Again
11-13-2008 For the Record
11-06-2008 Group Wants Phosphorous in Cedarville Bay Reduced
11-06-2008 Business Sign Limits Proposed in Clark Township Master Plan (Reference made to Floodplain Ordinance)
09-04-2008 Clark Township Seeks Bike Route Designations
08-07-2008 Les Cheneaux Community Foundation Grants Total $66,000
07-31-2008 A. Victor Abnee III - Obituary - Les Cheneaux Watershed Member
07-17-2008 Clark Township Hazardous Waste Collection
07-17-2008 Cedarville Bay Update, Watershed Council Meeting Set for July 16
06-28-2008 Clark Township Board Hosts Hazardous Waste Clean Up
06-12-2008 Land Use Choices Are Focus at Les Cheneaux
03-27-2008 Clark Township Considers PUD, Granny Flats, Preservation Ordinances
03-27-2008 Wastewater Discharge Site Sought in Clark Township
03-20-2008 Birge Is One of Several Preserves Open In Area
02-28-2008 Mower Will Cut Invasive Water Weeds
02-14-2008 Clark Township Board Special Meeting Minutes, "Cedarville Bay Dredging"
01-03-2008 Rudd Brothers Protect Land and Shoreline, Creating Preserve In Cedarville


10-18-2007 William B. Derby Preserve Is Established in Cedarville
08-23-2007 Eight Tons of Hazardous Waste Materials Removed from area watershed.
08-09-2007 Program to Focus on Water Levels, Lake Health August 10 in Cedarville.
07-19-2007 Lake Huron in Crisis Is Focus of Cedarville Meeting.
06-28-2007 Long awaited weevils go to work in Cedarville Bay.
06-21-2007 LCCF Awards Spring Grants Totaling $14,306 for Projects
05-17-2007 Frog Fest Puts Focus on Environment
05-10-2007 Frog Fest makes return visit to Les Cheneaux.
02-08-2007 Gourdie-Fraser Recommended to Update Clark Twp. Plans
01-11-2007 140 Acres of Land Preserved in Cedarville


12-28-2006 Community Foundation gives $31,945 to Les Cheneaux Projects.
12-28-2006 Six Projects Unite for Fundraising Drive.
10-05-2006 Watershed Annual Meeting.
09-28-2006 LC Watershed Project awarded $618,400 Grant.
09-28-2006 Council Wants to Introduce Weevils to Combat Watermilfoil.
04-13-2006 Growing Concern.
04-13-2006 Plans would improve water quality at Les Cheneaux.