Government Island Trails

Government Island is part of the Hiawatha National Forest System and is the public use Gem of the Les Cheneaux Islands.

The Island is a popular camping destination within the Les Cheneaux Islands. This federally owned Island is uninhabited and open to day use and Leave No Trace camping (which includes proper waste disposal, no cutting of trees for campfires, and leaving no trace of your camping experience). Government Island is the only public land within the Les Cheneaux Islands, as it was once home to a Coast Guard Station and construction support site for Martin Reef light and several others. The Island has established campsites which include a fire ring and picnic table. There are two outhouses available on the east side of the Island. Permit fees are not required at this time. However, if you have a group, it is recommended that you contact the U.S. Forest Service to notify them of your visit to the Island.

Government Island is accessible via kayak, canoe or motor boat, a short trip from Cedarville. Watercraft can be beached at several landings on the Island. The most popular is on the north shore is on the Island's east shore. Just up the hill from this landing, you will find campsites and the outhouses.


                                       Govt Island Gearth 5

An extensive shoreline trail system connects all of the campsites.  Two crossover trails on the northern half of the island allow for loop trail hiking.

The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council (LCWC) has a long-standing volunteer trail maintenance agreement with the NFS.  LCWC performs annual trail clearing activities in late May or early June depending on Spring weather conditions.

                                   Govt Island 6 15 2016 B smaller              Gov Isl sign planting 6 2016

                                     Current Maintained Trail System                  NFS installation of the LCWC Mike Mahoney Memorial Signs