• Les Cheneaux Reflection

    Les Cheneaux Reflection

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  • Les Cheneaux Watershed

    Les Cheneaux Watershed

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Our Waters


2024 Spring News Letter is HERE!



Of Immediate Interest

 2024 Activities

July 4th Parade

Frog Fest July 13

Annual General Meeting July 18





Presented at the Watershed Council Annual General Meeting on 20 July at 6 pm at the Clark Township Community Center

A collaboration of our Les Cheneaux Watershed Council, Islands Association and Islands Wildlife.





Boat Show August 12




 Floating-Leaf Pondweed

 floating leaf pondweed 20200815 1360521661

In this time of high water, some types of aquatic grow prosper while others diminish.  The Floating-Leaf Pondweed seems to

be growing in more places around the island this season.  It is not invasive, just another aquatic weed making its presence known.



 EUP Health Alert - Blastomycosis

                                  How to protect yourself and your Dog:  See Facts About Blastomycosis




Les Cheneaux Watershed Council


The Les Cheneaux watershed is considered a subwatershed of the Carp-Pine Watershed located in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. Specifically, the Les Cheneaux watershed is located in eastern Mackinac County, with one subwatershed located in south-central Chippewa County


Mission Statement


The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council will promote the conservation, education, protection, restoration and sustainability of water-based resources within the Les Cheneaux Watershed.

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