• Les Cheneaux Reflection

    Les Cheneaux Reflection

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  • Les Cheneaux Watershed

    Les Cheneaux Watershed

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Our Waters


2022 News Letter is  pdf HERE (2.30 MB)


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Don't Forget: Annual General Meeting July 21, 2022, 6:00 PM at the Les Cheneaux Community Center





Floating-Leaf Pondweed

 floating leaf pondweed 20200815 1360521661

In this time of high water, some types of aquatic grow prosper while others diminish.  The Floating-Leaf Pondweed seems to

be growing in more places around the island this season.  It is not invasive, just another aquatic weed making its presence known.



 EUP Health Alert - Blastomycosis

                                  How to protect yourself and your Dog:  See Facts About Blastomycosis




Les Cheneaux Watershed Council


The Les Cheneaux watershed is considered a subwatershed of the Carp-Pine Watershed located in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula. Specifically, the Les Cheneaux watershed is located in eastern Mackinac County, with one subwatershed located in south-central Chippewa County


Mission Statement


The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council will promote the conservation, education, protection, restoration and sustainability of water-based resources within the Les Cheneaux Watershed.

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