2023  Activities


June 7, 2023 

 Government Island Trail Clearing - Annual Event

Govt Island2023

Mike Jellison, Scott Myers, Lynn Wolters, Dan Reelitz,  Bob Smith (not pictured)

In 2023 we performed the usual trail maintenance.  We identified locations of downed trees and relayed the info to the NFS, who will dispatch a saw

        crew to remove the trees.  The trails were in good condition and free of litter.   A great day in the woods!



Rescheduled to August 3 & 5

                                     Previously scheduled for July 8 & 9, the ship was delayed in-transit from Norfolk, VA where it was in drydock for modifications and maintenance.

     Great Lakes - Family Discovery Sail Programs @ Hessel Harbor Marina
               The Les Cheneaux Watershed Council (LCWC) is sponsoring the two day visit of the new 105 foot
                  three masted tall ship schooner Alliance, operated by Inland Seas Educational Association          
                       (ISEA) of Suttons Bay, MI. Local family groups can participate by purchasing tickets at the ISEA website.
Co-sponsored by the Les Cheneaux Community Foundation & Lions Club





July 8, 2023 

 2023 Frogfest is ON !!

Family fun at the Township Park



This year's Frog Fest includes a walk through the John Arthur Woolham preserve at 9:00 AM and another  along local trails around the township park at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

                                      Woolham Gate                    Trillium



July 20, 2023

Annual LCWC Meeting

Open meeting: public comments & questions

Special Presentation on PFAS

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