pdf BAM8 Bat Activity in the LesCheneaux Islands Coastal Area 2019 Through 2021

Author: Scott Myers

Author Affiliation: LCWC

Journal: Unpublished Report



In 2019, 2020, and 2021, Wildlife Acoustics detection meters were used to record echolocation signals in six locations in the Les Cheneaux Islands to monitor local bat activity. The monitoring was conducted in an attempt to identify trends in activity that might reflect on populations. Five of the locations were monitored at specific time frames during the season. A second monitor remained in place at a fixed location throughout the season, roughly April 29th through September 19th. The results were normalized as detections per night for comparison of activity levels at the different locations and comparison of overall activity from year to year. Overall bat activity has increased in the Les Cheneaux area over the last 3 years implying that there is at least a short term trend in bat activity. Area activity rose from 279 detections per night in 2019 to 599 in 2021.