pdf WL-4 IJC 2017 Draft Report: Great Lakes Water Quality

IJC 2017 Draft Report: Great Lakes Water Quality

Authors: The International Joint Commission (IJC) (individual authors unnamed)

Author Affiliation: The International Joint Commission (IJC)

Journal: The International Joint Commission Pursuant to Article 7 (1) (k) of the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement; January, 2017

Abstract: The IJC has developed this draft triennial assessment report, informed by a larger staff developed technical appendix that includes fuller analyses, technical information, discussion of relevant science and references. This report and the staff technical appendix report will be revised after consideration of comments received from the public.
The final report will be submitted to the Parties and will also be useful to other levels of government, nonprofit environmental organizations, and all citizens who care about the well-being of the lakes.

To comment on the report, use this the IJC link: http://www.participateijc.org/participateijc-great-lakes-water-quality-online-forum