Reporting Materials

Volunteers are asked to provide basic information about the invasive plant and its location. A common form is being used throughout the midwest to provide the necessary information to map the locations of the various species.

If you suspect that one of the listed invasive plants has found a home near you, you can contact, EUP CWMA Program Coordinator. If you report the information on an "Invasive Species Reporting Form", you can mail the form to:

Three Shore CISMA
Chippewa Luce & Mackinac Conservation District
2847 Ashmun Street
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 49783
Phone: 906-635-1278


Watershed Maps

The following Interactive Maps are intended to help guide the user into experiencing the unique geography of the Les Cheneaux Watershed. These maps will open in a new window and your browser may indicate to you to allow popups.

2005 Aerial Photo Map

Photos that had distortions removed which were caused by aircraft tilt and topographic relief.

Base Map

View this map to see roads and boundaries.


Slope is the difference in elevation between two points, expressed as a percentage of the distance between those points.

Water Table

Water Table is the depth to to the first layer where the soil moisture status is wet.

Dwell with Basement Limits

Soil characteristics, such as high water table, steep slopes that might impact the constructions of dwellings with a basement. Small Comm Bldg Limits Small commercial buildings are those buildings that are less than three stories tall without basements.

Hydrologic Soils Groups

Hydrologic soil groups are based on estimates of runoff potential from precipitation. Hydric Soils A hydric soil is formed under conditions of saturation, flooding, or ponding for long periods of time.

Prime Farm Lands

This map identifies the location and extent of the most suitable land for producing food, feed, fiber, forage, and oilseed crops.

Drainage Class

This map refers to the frequency and duration of wet periods under conditions similar to those under which the soil formed.

Septic Tank Absorption

Soil characteristics, such as high water table and permeability, that might impact the installation and function of a septic tank. Only that part of the soil between depths of 24 and 72 inches is evaluated.