A special thanks to the Cedarville, Les Cheneaux Community Foundation (LCCF) for their support of this new Council Web site.

For an "insider's view" of the processes to produce this web site here is the document requesting final payment to the Site Supplier, Common Angle of Petosky.


                                    Les Cheneaux Watershed Council
                                        Web Site Committee Report
                                      To the Community Foundation
                                                   Spring 2016

    “The best laid plans of Mice and Web-Site people”…….squeak, squeak.

I am sorry LCCF, that the LCWC Web site is behind schedule, fortunately not behind in Budget dollars!

The full LCWC Board, at its May 17th meeting received a full video presentation of the The site’s progress toward competition.   Great accolades and appreciation were heaped  upon the 5 member committee.

The work of our vendor, Common Angle, was greatly appreciated, and is 99% finished, Waiting for LCWC web-site committee people to finish their work, so Common Angle can activate the “go live” process.  

Until the new site is “live”, the present site is up to date with LCWC activities.   

Three LCWC Committee members were fully trained by Common Angle Staff in their wonderful offices in TC, March 23, 2016…. There is always the learning curve, hindsight….”how did he say to do that”…..

Because of illnesses of Committee members, non-resident status of members, and despite using modern communication tools such as Go-To-Meetings, delays happen.

The Committee’s “hard wall” deadline is an “on-line” site by the July 7th, LCWC Annual meeting.   “Scientific Sites” are far more complex that simple “announcement” sites.  

Because the committee is 99.9% finished with our vendor, Common Angle, (and very pleased with their work), the LCWC, please requests, that LCCF make its final payment to Common Angle, per the attached Invoice when possible.   

Thanks LCCF for your continued support.

Michael Stoll, Chair
LCWC Web-Site Committee
5-25-2016, Bristol, Indiana, Cedarville, Michigan